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Tree trimming is a professional service necessary for the health and maintenance of trees and plants in your lawn. It involves removing dead and diseased branches, thinning out excessive foliage, and reducing the size and shape of certain trees. Properly pruning trees and plants helps to promote healthy growth and minimize disease potential. It also helps reduce the chances of damage to your home from overhanging branches.


Mr. Tree Service is a family owned business located in Dallas, Texas, specializing in tree trimming services. We are dedicated to providing quality service using the latest techniques and methods for all tree-trimming needs. Our experienced team has the expertise to ensure your trees stay healthy and vibrant year-round.

Tree Trimming Services

We understand how important it is for you to have healthy trees around your property, which is why we use modern tools, equipment, and products when performing our tree-trimming services. Using advanced pruning practices allows us to reduce damage risk while promoting the healthy growth of your trees.


Our team also takes safety seriously when conducting tree-trimming operations around your property. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that everyone remains safe during every job without compromising our workmanship standards or the results delivered.


Tree trimming services from Mr. Tree Service not only help keep your trees looking their best, but they can also add value to your property by increasing its curb appeal and helping protect it against storm damage due to weak or dead branches being removed before they can cause any issues.  Additionally, tree trimming helps reduce insect infestations by removing nesting sites and preventing new visitors from choosing these locations for their homes or feeding grounds.


Contact Mr. Tree Service today if you need an experienced team with the skill set required for proper tree trimming care on your property!

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